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K2 Communications is a leading edge production and distribution organization specializing in emerging non-traditional media programming, including Giant Screen Films for both large format and digital theaters, Video on Demand, Interactive Media, branded content and High Definition television and DVD. K2 has extensive experience supervising large-scale entertainment projects from concept to completion, and an impressive track record securing corporate sponsorship for its projects.


We've released the trailer to our latest film, AIRCRAFT CARRIER: GUARDIANS OF THE SEA, now playing in IMAX, Giant Screen, and other specialty theaters. Watch Now >>

We are happy to announce acclaimed actor Simon Helberg will narrate SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE! Read More >>

We are pleased to announce Patrick Stewart, famous for his roles in the X-Men films and Star Trek: The Next Generation, narrates our new film, JOURNEY TO SPACE! Read More >>

We've released the trailer to our upcoming film, JOURNEY TO SPACE, coming to IMAX, Giant Screen, and other specialty theaters in February 2015! Watch Now >>

K2 Communications to Distribute New 4K 3D Wing-Suit Flyer Film Featuring Joby Ogwyn.

We are pleased to announce The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant of $2,855,838 to K2 Communications for the upcoming Giant Screen film, SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, which will explore the most fundamental laws of nature being discovered at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland. SECRETS is expected to release in March of 2016. Read More >>

K2 Communications to distribute 3net Studios' first film, SPACE: UNRAVELING THE COSMOS. Read More >>

K2 Communications and Passmorelab to distribute new 3D film, ANTARCTICA'S PENGUIN EMPERORS 3D, to museums and science centers in selected territories. Read More >>

Mark Kresser named President of K2 Communications, Ed Capelle named SVP. Read More >>

FIGHTER PILOT is now available in 3D! Watch the trailer here: Link >>