Theater Directors Salute Film’s Summer Success!

15/70 Dome / 2D Version Ready October 1!

Following its gala premiere at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, Aircraft Carrier sailed into its summer exhibition in theaters across the country, with a resounding acknowledgement of its drawing power, and its popularity with patrons. Here is a sample of the feedback we’ve been getting.

“We opened the film in late May, and attendance continues to be strong. The mission tie-in is excellent and audience feedback has been high. We anticipate exhibiting the film for a long duration at Smithsonian Theaters.”
– Zarth Bertsch, Director, Theaters, Smithsonian Enterprises, Washington DC

“People LOVE it! The history & background, plus the fleet, carrier, and flight operations really immerse the viewers. We’ve had nothing but positive comments!
Al Mullen (President of Crew Training, our theater sponsor) FLIPPED over it!!!!!”
– Tony Hardy, Theater Director, Pink Palace Museum, Memphis

“Comments from audiences have been very positive.”
– Richard Cox, IT Services Director, Clark Planetarium, Salt Lake City

Aircraft Carrier has proven to be an excellent movie for our visitors. Since adding Aircraft Carrier our capture rate has more than doubled. Movie goers from all age groups like the film as it mixes great action along with a wonderful educational message.”
– Rich Rime, Director of Sales, Museum of Flight, Seattle

“I hadn’t planned to open the film until next spring, but after very positive response to two local test screenings, I changed my mind, and am opening in November. I personally love the film and its “peace through strength message.”
– Bob Griesmer, Executive Director, CEO, Virginia Air and Space Center

Aircraft Carrier has become one of the most formidable film titles we’ve programmed over the past two decades. Our guests are showing an enormous interest in America’s most recognizable peacekeeping machines as evidenced by increased capture rates and the robust box office numbers we have experienced this summer.”
– Phillip S. Crabtree, Operations Manager – Visitor Attractions, Naval Aviation Museum Foundation

We’ve also conducted audience research at the U.S. Air Force Museum, with some really outstanding results:

And, the film is definitely passing muster with folks who have a naval background, which bodes very well for word of mouth within the extended military community. Here’s a response from a Navy commander who saw the film in Memphis:

“Mr. Kresser, Thank you very much for the invitation to the screening of Aircraft Carrier at the Pink Palace CTI 3D Theater. Your documentary was an exceptional compliment to my 29 years of Navy service. Having deployed on multiple aircraft carriers, surface ships and ever a couple of submarines, your film captured the excitement of life at sea and the importance of our nation’s sea power. My favorite part of the film was the exploded views of the various engineering systems “in 3D!” I have never seen this done before and having worked with the equipment your featured you really captured the magnitude and complexity of our Navy ships. I also enjoyed that you featured our ships during RIMPAC highlighting our global maritime partnerships. Thank you again for offering me this opportunity and if there is anything I can do for you in the future please let me know.
Very Respectfully, CDR John Gay”
– CDR John Gay, Memphis, Tennessee

Like Commander Gay, many have commented on the outstanding STEM animations in the film, and we have backed that up with outstanding education materials, available to download on our film website,

Last but not least is a robust digital marketing campaign that will support exhibitors with geo targeted mobile ads sponsored by Lockheed within a 10 mile radius of each theater/museum, and a K2 digital campaign on Facebook and other targeted platforms. We have created 5 promo videos so far … one has had well over 1 million views:

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We look forward to you having an opportunity to see Aircraft Carrier in all its glory on the giant screen in 3D in Chicago, and to meeting with you during the conference. In addition to digital 2D/3D, full dome, and IMAX xenon/laser, we also have the film available in 15/70 2D.